• This guide covers considerations for third-party software updates in Configuration Manager when using a remote software update point (SUP) that is not configured for SSL.

Topics in Video

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Review remote site system running SUP in HTTP mode: (1:30)
  • Enable third-party updates and Configuration Manager managed the certificate: (2:15)
  • wsyncmgr.log error Warning: Remote WSUS connection is not HTTPS. This prevents software update point from getting the signing certificate for third-party updates.: (2:50)
  • Review the SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log: (3:45)
  • Stage the content for selected categories automatically: (6:00)
  • SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log syncing catalog: (7:15)
  • Create a WSUS Signing Certificate using Patch My PC’s Publisher: (11:00)
  • Export and Deploy WSUS Signing Certificate using a GPO: (14:15)

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