• This video tutorial will describe how to configure WSUS to require SSL. This setting will ensure client scan for updates via your WSUS/SUP in Configuration Manager.

Topics in Video

  • Introduction: (0:00)
  • Review SUP/WSUS server that does not require SSL: (0:45)
  • Review the SCCM and WSUS Lab Setup: (2:30)
  • Create the certificate template to create an SSL certificate for WSUS: (3:00)
  • Issue the template for enrollment: (6:06)
  • Request the SSL certificate on the WSUS server using certlm.msc: (6:17)
  • Bind the SSL certificate to the WSUS Administration website in IIS: (8:30)
  • Verify WSUS is using SSL/HTTPS: (9:03) Configure SSL to be required on the WSUS server: (10:26)
  • Run wsusutil configuressl to configure WSUS to use SSL: (12:11)
  • Set the software update to point setting to require SSL communication to the WSUS server: (13:20)
  • Validate clients are now using SSL to scan against WSUS: (14:17)

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