• In this video guide, we will be covering the way content is stored in distributed in Microsoft Configuration Manager. This video will go deep into how the content library on the site server works, the way content is distributed to remote DPs, how clients submit content location request, IIS, content troubleshooting and more!

Topics in Video

  • Understanding the Content Library (PkgLib, DataLib, and FileLib) – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=99
  • Review an applications deployment types and how the content binaries are stored in the DataLib and FileLib – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=228
  • Review how content is distributed from the site servers content library to remote distribution points content library (distmgr.log and PkgXferMgr.log) – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=422
  • Review boundaries and boundary groups and how that the corresponds to distribution points and client location request – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=594
  • Review a content location request for an applications deployment type from a client and why it received content not found due to boundary and boundary group configurations – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=689
  • Review how client location request for content come in from a management point perspective and how the management point runs a stored procedure against the database to see if the requested content is available based on the client boundary groups and distribution points the client is part of (MP_Location.log) – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=786
  • Setting an applications deployment type to allow the download to fallback to the default site boundary group and any neighboring boundary groups – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=1046
  • Review how the default-site-boundary-group and how other boundary group relationships work – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=1142
  • Review how to allow software update group deployment to allow fallback to the default-site-boundary-group and neighboring boundary groups – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=1281
  • Resolving the boundary to match the IP Range the client is located in and how a successful application deployment without fallback enabled would work – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=1442
  • Copy content URL and review how IIS translates the content library files for client downloads – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=1599
  • Review how to use content library explorer – https://youtu.be/A9K9_NPQL_o?t=1751

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