• In this video guide, we will look in detail at what happens on the site server when ADR’s evaluation is run. This covers in detail the RuleEngine and PatchDownloader components. We will look at how these components work with Verbose, Debug, and SQL Tracing enabled.

Topics in Video

  • Introduction of deep-dive automatic deployment rule video topics: (0:00)
  • How to Enable Debug and Verbose Logging and SQL Tracing in SCCM:(2:58)
  • Review the RuleEngine component in the Configuration Manager Service Manager: (6:40)
  • Run an ADR and review the logging of the RuleEngine.log: (7:45) Review SQL Query criteria generated by RuleEngine: (10:13)
  • Review How RuleEngine determines if updates need to be downloaded to a deployment package: (13:00)
  • The PatchDownloader component used for ADRs and review PatchDownloader.log: (15:50)
  • RuleEngine creating software update groups: (20:50)
  • How deployments are created for ADRs by RuleEngine: (23:20)
  • Add to an existing software update group ADR setting in SCCM: (26:15)

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